How To Get Over A Breakup-Breaking up is hard to do

If your relationship has hit the skids, help is out there to show you how to get over a breakup. There are some specific do’s and don’ts you should be aware of. Let’s start with some dont’s. Don’t ever break up with someone over the phone, by texting, or by email unless they might get violent then break up with them any way you can. If they aren’t violent then break up with them in person. Don’t humiliate them by breaking up in public find a private place to let them down gently. The break upee may not like what you are doing but they will have more respect for you.

Being honest with your soon to be ex is very important, but if the reason you need to know how to get over a breakup is that you have met a new someone special, keep it under wraps. If they ask, Don’t tell them, even if they ask. They will be hurt enough as it is, they don’t need that piled on top of everything else. There really is no point.

How To Get Over A Breakup-Breaking up is hard to do 1Begin your new relationship as the fresh start it should be. Go make your new memories together in all new places, special to just the two of you, don’t go to the places that will remind you of your ex. Even though you are the one who did the breaking up if your new love asks you if you have been there before you do not have to lie or make them feel bad because they weren’t there with you first.

On the side of the do’s you should plan out what you want to say before meeting your soon to be ex because you will feel nervous when the breaking up starts. Stand firm and don’t waver. When the time comes to actually do the breakup look them in the eye and tell it to them straight. They will be hurt anyway so state your case with confidence. The relationship may be at an end but do not humiliate yourself or your ex by treating this as a trivial matter.

After you break up, your ex may try to contact you, this is normal because they are hurt but do not take their calls. This will erringly keep hope alive. This is an unkind thing to do. Never make promises you do not intend to keep. Change your habits, too. Find a new coffee shop to get your morning coffee and a new place to eat your lunch. You do not want any accidental run-ins with your ex.

If someone new wasn’t the reason for the break up, you should hold off on dating for a while. Rebound relationships never really work. They may feel good for a while but what you need right now is to learn how to be on your own. Even if you are the one who was the breaker upper getting into a rebound relationship is still a bad idea, so give yourself time to learn how to get over a breakup.

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