Huawei P60 vs. Other High-End Smartphones

Huawei P60 vs. Other High-End Smartphones 1

The Battleground: High-End Smartphones

There is no denying that the smartphone market is a fiercely competitive one, with companies constantly vying for top spot. A recent entrant to this market, Huawei, has made quite a name for itself in a short time, with stellar offerings such as the P60 series. But how does this series fare when compared to other high-end smartphones? Learn more about the topic in this external resource we’ve prepared for you.

Design: Minimalism and Elegance

One of the standout features of both the Huawei P60 and the mate series is their elegant design. With both phones designed with a slim, elegant profile and minimal bezel, they offer a truly immersive visual experience. However, when compared to some of their high-end counterparts such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the P60 can appear a bit plain. That being said, the overall design remains a strong point for the P60.

Performance: A Solid Contender

The Huawei P60 is a solid performer, with its Kirin 970 chipset that is optimized for AI processing providing snappy speeds even under heavy loads. Compared to the Note 9 or iPhone X, both of which boast of advanced processors, the P60 does lag a bit behind in benchmarks. However, in real-world usage, it is just as snappy and quick as its competitors, if not more so, thanks to its efficient use of resources.

Camera: A True Contender

A standout feature of Huawei phones has always been their camera, and the P60 is no exception. Sporting a dual-lens camera module, backed with AI features that enhance the overall image quality and depth of field, the camera on the P60 is capable of taking some truly stunning shots. While the iPhone X’s camera offers a superior depth of field, the P60 offers great low light performance and offers a greater degree of customization and control over the picture than other phones in its class.

Battery Life: All-Day Performance

The Huawei P60 features a 3,750mAh battery which provides solid all-day battery life. Compared to the iPhone X or Samsung Note 9, which offer slightly better battery life, the P60 still manages to hold its own, providing a day’s worth of usage even with heavy usage. The phone’s fast charging capabilities and AI-based battery management further enhance the overall experience. Immerse yourself in the topic and discover new perspectives with this specially selected external content for you. Read this helpful content


The Huawei P60 has more than proven its worth as a high-end smartphone, offering great features and specifications at a reasonable price point. While it may not have the outright specs of its competitors, it does offer a superior camera system, efficiently designed software and AI-focused hardware optimizations that make it a truly unique offering in a crowded market.

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